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Text Messages SMS

Text Messages sent by the practice

We send out text messages to patients regularly.

To ensure that this service works we do require patient’s mobile telephone numbers. If, however, you do not wish to receive reminders please let reception know and we can remove your details from the system.

For appointment reminders, the messages are sent the day before your appointment and will be sent during working hours

If we already have your mobile number on record you will need to notify us if you do not wish to receive these reminders.

We now have two systems to SMS message patients

MJOG SMS messages for appointment reminders and national campaigns

AccuRx SMS messages sent by clinicians & the admin teamdirectly to patients, examples are:

  • Reminders or notifications (e.g. prescription ready, abnormal blood results or appointment needs booking)
  • Responding to simple queries (e.g. if you had a quick question about your medication)
  • Letting you know we tried to call
  • Sending you advice at the end of a consultation

AccuRx SMS poster

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